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Dirt's Met its Match: Upright Vacuums for Whitby, Clarington, Oshawa, and Ajax

#1 Vacuum Cleaner carries nearly every type of vacuum cleaner, including uprights, canisters, handheld, lightweight units, and even shampooers. Our lineup includes a variety of models from the most popular and well-reviewed manufacturers. You can browse our vacuum selection through our website, or at our store in Oshawa. If there is a particular model you are interested in, but you don’t see it listed here, please give us a call — we most likely have it in stock!

Looking to replace your Sears Kenmore Vacuum?

portable upright vacuums

We tracked down the manufacturers who made the vacuums for Sears.

They are now reproducing them with different names on them!



Filter Queen Majestic

filter queen majestic


filter queen with accessories


Maximus Canister

maximus canister

Twin Clean Canister

twin clean canister

Ultra One Canister

ultra one canister

Professional Series Upright

professional series upright

Versatility Series Uprights

versatility series upright


Canister Model MC-CG467

canister model mc-cg467

Canister Model MC-CG885

canister model mc-cg885

Canister Model MC-CL485

canister model mc-cl485

Dual Vac Jetspin Cyclone

dual vac jetspin cyclone

Canister Model MC-CG983

canister model mc-cg983

Upright with Hepa Filter Model MC-UG589

upright hepa filter model mc-ug589

Canister Model MC-CG887

canister model mc-cg887

Upright Hepa Filter Model MC-UG583

upright hepa filter model mc-ug583

Upright Hepa Filter Model MC-UG581

upright hepa filter model mc-ug581

Upright Hepa Filter Model MC-UG502

upright hepa filter model mc-ug502

Upright Cord Reel Model MC-UG471

upright cord reel model mc-us471

Lightweight Upright Model MC-UG383

lightweight upright model mc-ug383


Maxima 972B

maxima 972b

Clean Living 3281AZ

clean living 3281az

Optima 437AZ

optima 437az

Surface Max 6833D

surface max 6833d

Capture 8807

capture 8807

Comfort Clean 4239AZ

comfort clean 4239az

WhirlWind 6510A

whirlwind 6510a

Boss SmartVac 4879SZX

boss smartvac 4879szx

Boss 4D Pet Fresh 5893

boss 4d pet fresh 5893

Air Extreme 6500A

air extreme 6500a

Boss SmartVac 4870PZ

boss smartvac 4870pz

Boss SmartVac 4870T

boss smartvac 4870t


We have a selection of upright and canister Hoover® vacuums.

wind tunnel series
hoover platinum cyclonic bagless canister
wind tunnel bagless canister with hand vac
hoover elite cyclonic canister

Cirrus Pro Grade™

Cirrus Pro 8000

cirrus pro 8000

Cirrus Pro 8500

cirrus pro 8500

Cirrus Pro 9000

cirrus pro 9000

Vortech Force

Vortech Force

vortech force


TriStar™ MG Series

tristar mg series
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